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New seller at fiverr, please help me improve my gig


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Well, at a glance, your gigs aren’t terrible. Are you doing any sort of marketing? I have your ebook cover design gig open. The big suggestion I have for you on that one is to change your bullet point list of what you need from the buyer. You currently have everything in the form of a question. You may think about changing those to statements so that it doesn’t sound like you’re asking buyers instead of telling them:


  • Book cover size
  • Page count
  • Title, including any subtitles
  • Your pen name
  • Synopsis
  • Any photos you want included
  • Any ideas you have for the appearance
  • You can also visit Getty Images or Shutterstock, pick out a picture you like, and provide the stock ID or link to the picture so I can purchase the image.

You also need to fix that last sentence. Suggestion:

Thank you for visiting! Why wait? Place your order now for fast, friendly, and professional service.

I hope this helps a bit. If you’re not already promoting yourself somewhere, you may look into that too. 😉

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