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Is it better for your profile to use gig offers or custom offers?


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Little backstory:
I didn’t really think too much of fiverr, but signed up anyway, created 1 gig and forgot about it,
like 2 months later someone needed some urgent work, and ordered my gig 4 times, i earned like $900 from it. that that was about it, not a lot of work meanwhile,

But after two weeks, right after i actually withdrew my money, my gig got boosted hard, to the point where i was receiving like 10 requests in the span of 3 hours a day.

I created few more but they weren’t exactly right price wise for my clients, (they were something like $80 for basic 180 for standard and 350 for premium) so i ended up sending bunch of custom offers instead of premade gigs, did some work, and 2 weeks after that i don’t see any movement in my gigs popularity.

Now questions is:
Is it because that one original boost was just a 1-time thing for newcomers. OR does fiverr like custom offers less, and have lessers chances of promoting your gig, if you used custom offers?

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