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Buyer shared her email id


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Hi, Everyone.
It has been quite a nice journey for me at Fiverr. I completed 10 orders after joining in August this year. I often get enquires regarding my work. And people, in general, ask me to share my email id to share some stuff and I always tell them to share any download link.
But last night a buyer, a new buyer just joined in October appreciated and showed interest in my work and dropped her email id and told me she’s really busy and wants to chat in the mailbox. I told her it’s against ToS to share any contact details which includes email id too and I thought she understood.
But, that wasn’t the case. She asked the same thing and shared her email id again. I’m a new seller so I didn’t know how to react or what to do in that situation. So, I searched for the solution here at Forum and almost everyone had the same opinion to report that misconduct.
So, I simply reported and to my disbelief, she’s no longer on Fiverr. Her account has been suspended.
I think she did the same mistake or intentionally with other sellers as well.
My suggestion is, like when we sellers try to share our contact details or ask for a review, there’s always a warning/error from the system suggesting not to do that thing because it’s against their TOS. Wouldn’t that thing or system should be applied to buyers as well. Because it could be hazardous for a seller if he/she agreed to work outside the Fiverr system or shared his/her contact details mistakenly because that person may not have read the TOS properly or didn’t know how to react in that situation. Buyers quite ofter ask for contact details and Fiverr should have told them that its against TOS because it can affect the seller’s account.
And I do suggest sellers not to fall in any trap till this situation is fixed because firstly it’s against TOS and secondly, even if you got to escape from the system somehow, it’s safer here at Fiverr because the person you’re dealing with is completely stranger to you.

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Not having read the Terms of Service is no excuse - Fiverr’s TOS are written clearly and in unambiguous language so that everyone can understand them.

When anyone signs up to Fiverr, they click a box to indicate they have read and understand the TOS. Fiverr shouldn’t have to remind them.

It is up to us as sellers to protect ourselves from people who want to take advantage of us. You did the right thing in telling the buyer that sharing personal info outside Fiverr is against TOS and then reporting them for persisting.

Buyers generally take the first reminder about TOS on board. If they don’t, then they’re doing it on purpose and that puts accounts in danger.

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