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I've been on fiverr for 4weeks now and I have gotten a single order, I need help here


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Right off the bat, without even looking much at your page or reading through, I can tell you you’re at a major disadvantage with your gig gallery. This is an opportunity to insert yourself as a real person that buyers can connect and relate to, and showcase your work.

Why would anyone order a resume from you if they don’t know what it will look like, or what your writing style is like? I’m not saying that to be mean- not at all- just to show you what a buyer might be thinking while browsing your gig. Take down the stock pictures and replace them with the best examples of your work. Maybe create a well-produced video talking about what you do.

Also, I’d consider changing your profile picture as well. If it’ll be one of yourself, try and get something closer to the camera. If not, consider purchasing a well-designed image that clearly shows this is a writing/editing/career help gig.

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