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Buyer says she won't pay because she doesn't like the website


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I received an order for an e-commerce website. The buyer gave me a description to start with so I began working. She then promised a tip for the chat feature. When I finished building the website plus added the extra feature I asked her for the content to be uploaded. Asked her if she doesn’t like it. She gave a few more features to be added. Then I did add the additional features as well. And uploaded some sample products and posts as well. After I was done doing all that and delivered the order she tells me “the work is okay but this attachment video is sent is missing”
I explained to her how that video is not possible to add as logo. Then finally she says “zionMart that contacted you is a seller a buyer gave this project. the buyer want to cancel because his not okay with the job you did. i dont know how to convince him to take the project”
She keeps on sending modification requests. What should I do?

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