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Hi all,

I am new on Fiverr but am currently working through my first gig. Earlier this week I responded to a buyer request for some support with a mass mail campaign. However once the buyer got in touch it was clear from the first message this was something that I was not happy with being part off (helping to find her a sugar daddy by impersonating her online!) and was falsely represented with her buyer request.

So I didn’t respond to her but instead reported it as being inappropriate. However this morning I log on and seem on my dashboard that my response rate has fallen. And has fallen because I didn’t respond to her message. Surely if you report a buyer interaction with that buyer isn’t taken into account? Now my rates look bad because i didn’t want to talk to someone wanting a sugar daddy! 🤑

Anyone else have this sort of issue? Should i be responding to all regardless of how inappropriate the request?

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Well yes…I guess it makes sense. Just wasn’t my first thought 🙂

If you responded to her first message, you will not be penalized by not answering her other messages. Even if you replied and then blocked her, you should not be penalized.

What you may find is that a spam message got through that you never saw. Look at your IN box and for the SPAM folder to see if something is in there. If so, write a nice note to customer service to explain that your response rate went down due to a spam message that was never in your IN box to reply to. They may fix your response rate if that is the case. I have had this happen on a couple of occasions and they have always fixed it for me.


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