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Can you ever have a six month hosting for 5 dollars?


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I recently bought this gig, of danik69 who provides website hosting for 5 dollars, no company like hostgator does that (48 dollars for the hatching plan). I ordered his gig, My website is successfully hosted and has wordpress installed. I was very happy with his gig, I wanted to buy another gig so that I can host my website for an year. But his had gone missing, I messaged him, he says fiverr has denied his gig because he is advertising external service but he is not. He has a different plan for fiverr accounts. And that particular hosting is called “fiverr hosting” . I dont think he is advertising external service and who in these days gives you hosting for 5 $ (which is finally 4) and I appeal to fiverr resolution center please do not deny his gig. And let people host their websites for such a low cost.

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