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The rating on my profile is indifferent to the rating on the dashboard.
I have 4.6 ratings on my profile and it dropped from 4.8 to 4.3 on the dashboard. I can understand that on the dashboard the rating is the average of the last 60 days. But as per ratings from the buyers, my rating never dropped to 4.3. In fact, it never went below 4.6. So, why it has fallen to 4.3 on the dashboard

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I have faced same problem and contact with CS and here are their reply…

Hi Asif,

I hope you are doing well.

I took a look into your account and in the last 60 days, your rating is 5 stars. Your overall rating is 4.9 on your account, however there is a visual glitch in which it shows as 5 instead of 4.9. For this, I applied a little fix to the account.

I will.suggest you to contact with CS.

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Yes its true

But never in my career my rating dropped below 4.6. But on the dashboard it appears to be 4.3

These are your last reviews. Which are pretty bad and you don’t have that many orders to ver for that.

You have 15 orders in total and some of them might fall out of 60 days period. If it’s only 12-13 reviews taken into account for your dashboard- then that’s the reason why you have 4.3 on your dashboard.

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