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Not getting any reply from client for expanding delivery time


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I worked on a project of SquareSpace website. I done all the job and get some changes from clients and then I asked for expanding the delivery time from client. Now I have done the job and their website changes are ready in just 1 day that is before the asking delivery time. While we have discussed already on about this through message.

But I didn’t submit the delivery because I am waiting for their acceptance of expanding delivery time otherwise it will show late delivery on my profile. Finally I didn’t get any response from my client and at last I have to submit my delivery on late delivery 😦

Please let me know what we should I do at this type of conditions in future?


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Hey. Do not worry about it. Just send him any thing image file or any incomplete file and write a message that you need some more time the attached file is just to stop the time limit…then he must send you a revision request and it will solve you problem. I have tried it so many time it will definitely work trust me.

Thank you

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