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I literally have hundreds of impressions.....ONLY messages I get are scams...why?


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So I have been at this for going on 3 months now. and ive tried rewording my gigs, starting all the way from scratch and just redoing them completely. and I always get the same result. Every single day, at least 3-5 times a day, I get a message from somebody that, by the time I go to answer it (my avg. response rate is an hour or so) when I open the chat up, I get a message saying “this person can no longer be contacted”. If I do get to get in touch with the buyer, its always the same result. one of those I need you to reach me on google hangouts, My company has a big design project, but you have to call me on ■■■■■, etc. WHY?!?! this is so frustrating, Im starting to just give up on fiverr.

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Hello dylancarter,
I also checked the gigs you’re offering. I totally agree with Humanissocial, the Gig’s description is too short and it doesn’t illustrate well your job. This is just a constructive critique, in my opinion you should try re-edit your Gig (more detailed, well explained). Another important think for starting here, is to answer to buyer’s requests, maybe you will be lucky. I get my first order in buyer requests. Also here try to respond in a discoursive manner, explaining well the service you offer. Good luck!!!

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