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Unfair delete my level 1 account


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hey i wanted to change my gig gallery images
this gig was in the first page of the recommended gigs in rendering and modeling in architecture
when i did it, they delete it with the cause of having images that isn’t my current sample
i told the support to review my account and they requested me source files of my gallery images
but the source files are more than 25 mo so i have to send it by google drive as a link
FIVERR coudnt open those file and closed my account unfairly and unfortunately private me from my level 1 account
i was trolled by spending my night hours to serve this website
thank you fiverr for this wrong delete

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It’s not wrong at all. It would be VERY risky for Fiverr to allow you to send files they can’t access. You could easily use it for nefarious activity without their knowledge. Whether or not you did that is irrelevant. The ToS is very clear on this. If you don’t want to follow ToS, then don’t use the service.

There is no reason for you to have to send something by Google Drive in a Fiverr order. If there is, then either your gig or your practices are inappropriate for Fiverr.

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