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From making $2.5k/month to $250 what's wrong with my gig?


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That’s right, I began doing Spanish <> English translations on fiverr the first year it opened. I think on my first month I made $300, the next month about $500, then $700 for several months, until I after one or 2 more years I was making $2.5k a month. I had so many orders that I had to decline many offers.
Then, 1 year ago changes began, my gig got demoted for not answering some spamy messages and it rolled from Top rated seller to Level 1. I quickly rose back to Level 2, but was never able to reach Top rated seller, not even with 100% on all the stats. Ever since, My gig started making $1.4k/month, almost half of what I used to earn, until in about August this year, it all of a sudden went to a super low $250 per month, September was the same. It doesn’t make sense, I’m obviously starting other ventures, but still, this is like a goodbye from fiverr, and have no idea what went wrong so much? I am level 2 with 100% on everything except a 97% completion rate due to cancellations due to mistakes, and a 5 star rating, and I just get about 3 orders per week now, about $50 in total or so.

Any ideas?

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People seem to always reply “It’s your fault your gig is not ranking”. While I would normally agree with this, it seems like the second this new UI overhaul came into affect it’s deranking so many people.

It can’t just be somebody having bad copywriting. There are far too many people on this forum that said their sales dropped recently and I blame it on the UI overhaul like I said because that’s when I noticed a big hike in complaints.

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