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One of my Gigs was removed


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i’ve created a powerpoint presentation gig a week ago, but today i’ve updated it with a video of my own work and design. i have used images and a video as a background from a website of totally free images and loyality free videos and images which have no rights, but the overall work was mine, the video was under review until i had notification that they removed my gig because the video or its images weren’t original.
i can’t understand what exactly my fault is ??

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if you use everything your own. I think your video rules brack Fiverr TOS

can i send it in a message to take a look on it because i’m really overwhelmed and confused? because i don’t know which part of TOS do you mean

i just want to make sure, is it allowed or not, to use pictures and videos from web that are loyality free ?

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lucky you

in my side they deleted my level 1 account flagged from wrong copyright


@davegroup i’m really sorry for you .

have you tried to contact with customer service?

I’ve emailed them and one of the team contacted with me , tried to figure out the problem and i got my Gig back

I really advise you to contact them if you haven’t yet, they are very helpful and professional.

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Loyalty-free and cost-free do NOT mean free and permitted for commercial use.

On top of this, your example video needs to reflect unique work you would do for a client. It isn’t helpful to clients if you’re just taking media from elsewhere.

@humanissocial i didn’t use the photos as it is but i used them in my design either as a background or to support the idea …and that was exactly what overwhelmed me … but when i contacted customer service and upon further evaluation and sending them references of the used pics , i got my Gig back and it was alive again.

they are very professional

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