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Unresponsive user didn't respond to my "unresponsive user cancellation request"


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So the long story short:

I have a gig where I design logos. And as you well know logos are something that usually requires modifications, so I provide my customers with multiple free modifications. All my clients say I work fast and I am polite and so on. So everything is going very well for me. However I get a negative feedback from a person 16 days after the order was automaticaly marked as completed. Well that is not unusual sometimes people don’t really understand that I can provide them with another logo for free if they are not happy. I message the buyer and request a cancellation (that has happened before). But what happens is that I don’t get response again. So I naturally assume that I am supposed to post a “unresponsive user cancellation request”. And I do it. And what a surprise the buyer is not responsive again. So I assume that when this expires the order will be cancelled and I will get rid of the negative comment (which was just a thumb down by the way, so the buyer didn’t even border to write anything there as well).

But what happens is that the cancellation request expires, my order is cancelled (so I don’t get any money), I can’t leave a negative comment on the buyers wall and I am stuck with my negative comment.

So my question is how is that fair and how can I be punished (because that is a punishment - me not getting any money, not being able to post a negative comment and despite that having a negative comment) for someone not responding to unresponsive buyer ticket. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it.

And I contact the fiverr support (where a very understanding guy called Joy patiently responds to my long complains) and he tells me that this is the fiverr politic to protect the buyers.

And I agree fiverr should protect their buyers, but they should protect us sellers as well. And right now I don’t feel protected at all!

It is not the negative comment I am complaining so much about. It is the fact that right now fiverr protects a person who is not interested in fiverr at all over me who is trying to build a good business relation with the website. If the customer left a negative comment and gave any kind of reason I would be perfectly happy to accept it. If they had given me the chance to try and redeliver I would perfectly accept it. If they have declined my cancellation offer I would perfectly accept it, but that is a person who is not even brothered to log in on the website and decline it. It is not someone from whom fiverr will make any money or gain anything at all. And it is deeply discouraging for me. And I am sure that for a month I had someone like that other fiverrs do as well.

And it is no longer a personal issue, but an issue for the community, because this way the most dedicated people to fiverr get negative feed back from people who don’t even visit the website.

I thought the whole point of cancellation for unresponsiveness is to remove any consequences of the order.

What is the point of me returning their money if I can’t even post a negative feedback on their wall (not that someone who doesn’t use fiverr will care)?

Isn’t it implied that if you report someone for being unresponsive they would probably not respond to that as well?

I am a man who likes to look big. And right now I no longer look just to get rid of this totally unfair comment. I wan to try and fix this feature of fiverr.

I hope you understand me and I am really sorry for wasting your time, but I really want to work for a better fiverr. If my remarks sound illogical I apologise.


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I don’t really understand what you’re saying. Are you saying that a buyer gave you a thumbs-down so you requested cancellation and the negative remains even though the order was cancelled?

That would be because negative feedback is only accepted for mutual cancellations. If the buyer did not respond to the request and after 2 days the order was cancelled automatically, feedback remains. I do agree with you that it is frustrating that not only did you refund the buyer, but you did not get any indication as to why you only got a thumbs-down. I am in the same boat as you. I got a thumbs-down a few weeks ago with absolutely no indication that anything had been wrong. I messaged the buyer twice asking what was wrong, and offering to fix it or refund the order. The buyer has not replied, and Fiverr refuses to remove the feedback even though I have no idea what was wrong!

Personally, I think that buyers who leave a negative feedback should have to give a reason rather than click “thumbs-down.” How else are we supposed to know how to fix it, or even grow and learn from our mistakes?!

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