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Higher quality audio preview player


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I am a audio mixing and mastering engineer so I’m constantly sending audio files back and forth with clients through fiverr. Currently, the audio player playback quality is really bad. While I don’t expect full lossless audio playback (a 320kbps mp3 would suffice), what’s currently in use isn’t even mp3 quality. It sounds extremely low-fi. I know you can alleviate this by downloading the file and then listening to it, but I believe this has a high potential to miss lead people and based on a recent experience, I’m concerned I’ve lost out of many other previous sales do this feature.

I just recently delivered a song I had mixed to a client. I felt very good about it. I immediately get a message saying that it is not of the proper sonic quality for use and wants to cancel. I knew something wasn’t right. After further investigation, I came to find out he had been playing back from fiverr on his phone, through his various headphones and speakers, meaning he was listening to an extremely lo quality version of the song and thinking I had screwed it up. Once that had been sorted out, he loved the work that I did.

In the past, I’ve had a few other orders go the same way, but with less than happy endings. I’ve had a few clients ask for refunds and tell me the work was not usable, when I knew that just couldn’t be the case, especially after getting opinions from other professionals. It truly makes me wonder if this is what had been occurring but I didn’t know it. The only reason I realized the error this time around was because the client mentioned he had not downloaded it yet.

At this point, I don’t understand why a higher quality preview can’t be implemented. Every other website on the internet does perfectly fine streaming 320kbps audio. There is no reason they cannot implement that here.

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