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Multiple gigs for the same category?


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Hi! I’m a translator and I have a question. Can I make multiple gigs for the same service, but for a different purpose?
Something like:
I will translate blog articles
I will translate product review
I will translate your book

The category is the same (WRITING & TRANSLATION > TRANSLATION), but each gig is “unique” in some way… It’s against the ToS?
Thank you, Manuel.

Ps: I know this question was already answered multiple times, but I’m confused! In some posts, I’ve read that you can do this as long as each gig is unique… In other posts, someone said that you can’t create more than 2 gigs in the same subcategory.

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as far as i know you can do it. but you must include different Gig title & different description for every gig.


Thank you for the response! I have one more question now. Is possible that creating multiple “WRITING & TRANSLATION > TRANSLATION” gigs for different purposes will drop my average gigs ranking?

I say this cause when I created a second gig on the same category, the first one suddenly drops its view from 15/day to 2/day.

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