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True Story behind multiple Gig ranking


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Are you a level 2 seller? Opening 20 gig is permitted for you.

Great news, right? But as far I see so far, the seller who open multiple gigs in the different category even though, don’t have any order in others gig other than the best selling gig. I do not know if I can explain in a better way.

But did you get my point?

What is the story behind it? Why multiple gigs does not rank instead of just 1 gig?

Let’s have some conversation here regarding the topic.

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Hi @aamarteam,

This is how I see it…

Gigs, whether one or several, don’t rank because of a seller’s level, but because of the performance of the Gig(s) and, of course, the excellency of the seller providing the service(s), being it: delivering premium quality work and premium customer support, among other things.

You might be a Level 2 seller and have 15 Gigs, or whatever, but if only two of them are selling at top-notch quality, then, only them will be ranking and the others will be left to be forgotten. Short and simple!

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