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After 10 months of working here, I finally completed 1,000 orders!


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When I first signed up to this site, I almost shut down my account a week later, thinking it wouldn’t lead anywhere. I logged into my account and noticed a buyer had actually messaged me about an order! I took too long to get back to them, so I never did do that order, but it gave me the hope to actually give the site a chance - and I’m so glad I did.

10 months later, and I’ve been able to quit my day job, and pursue voice acting as a full time profession. While this isn’t entirely on fiverr of course, fiverr played a big part in helping me get to this level. I’m honestly quite humbled and feel incredibly lucky to be able to work from home and set my own hours. It’s a dream come true, and I can’t wait to keep going and see what the future holds.

In case it can help anyone else, here are some tips that worked for me personally to build up my business to where I am today. These tips won’t apply to everyone, and I know some sellers don’t agree, but this is just what worked for me:

  • When you’re first starting out, spend time looking at what the best sellers in your category are doing, and learn from them. This doesn’t mean to copy, but rather, look at their pricing structure, what they offer, whether they have a gig video or a picture, and see how you can take these lessons and adapt them to fit your own gig.

  • Before you have any orders, set your prices LOW. Don’t promise the world for nothing, of course, and be aware that lower prices can attract really bad customers - but these low prices can help you get those first important reviews in order to start gaining trust. Once you’re getting more feedback, up your prices accordingly.

  • If your gig isn’t doing well, check your title, description and picture or video. If you don’t have a video, ADD A VIDEO. It helps a LOT. Make sure your title contains good key words. Make sure you stand out. Give people a reason to click on your gig and be interested in your service. This is a business. You are a professional. Act like one.

  • Proofread your content. Another facet of acting like a professional. Especially if you’re offering anything that requires a decent grasp of English (voice over work, proofreading, copywriting). If English isn’t your native language and you’re offering services in English, you can use online proofreading services like Grammarly, or pay someone to proofread your gig for you.

  • You are ALWAYS learning and improving. Don’t think you ever hit a point where you can’t improve, or you can’t get better. Never be so full of yourself that you think your service is already perfect. It’s most likely not. You can learn more, study more, practice more, upgrade your equipment, learn better customer etiquette. The better you get, the more your work is worth. Take a free online course. Remake your demo video or pictures once you’ve improved enough to make better versions. You can always get better.

  • Don’t be afraid to raise your prices once you feel you’ve gotten better. Or if you’re getting swamped with orders. Just raise your prices and even if you get less sales, you’ll make up for it with higher value orders - and you’ll be spending less time completing your daily work.

  • Read the TOS. Don’t get stupid rule violations because you didn’t bother to check. Learn from the fiverr forum. Search before you make a post. Know the laws relevant to your niche and your country.

  • Don’t be rude. No matter how rude your buyer might be. Politely respond and then block them. Politely sass them if you must. But be polite, no matter what.

  • Never, ever, ever offer unlimited revisions. EVER.

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