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Can anybody help me improve my gig?


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I created my gig 5 days ago and I got 138 impressions, 64 clicks and 85 views. I uploaded a gig video, pdf and three gig images which are my own created. I think my sample work is good. My gig description is my own not copied. I sent 10 buyer request daily but I did not get any order in 5 days. Is it because I have no reviews or should I work on my gig? Should I wait more? I’m losing hope. how much it takes to get the first order.
Please checkout my gig and help me improve it.

Thanks and waiting for your advises.

My gig link

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Hello @ajaz_swissu

Don’t panic, here are sellers who have not received any sale for more than 2 months, some gets within a week.

Just optimize your gig, keep editing it and be positive.

Follow this link for some tips

There are lots of posts about people wanting to improve their gigs, requesting reviews, tips etc to get them more orders. I want to help out my fellow freelancers - hence this post. I believe I am currently the most successful PRO seller in the articles and blog posts category on Fiverr (between 30 and 40 orders a month, and around $5,000 in revenue), and have spent considerable time and effort optimizing my gigs for sales. I believe these optimization efforts apply to any type of gig, not jus…
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