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Have you been asked to do someone's homework?


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dracosama said: Personally I don't agree with doing someone's homework as I believe it is still cheating in my eyes no matter what. That's been my belief since I was young.


The idea that we cannot collaborate or even work to our strengths (rather than our weaknesses) is part of the reason why our educational system is in such chaos. The idea that it is cheating is an understandable "critique". And one that requires a deeper level of analysis than I'd probably type out here.


Suffice it to say; however, I do "consider" it "cheating" (in a limited sense) and at the same time valid and ethical. The funny thing about cheating criticisms is the people who say "You're only cheating yourself. Because if that's true, then there's really no "moral" or "ethical" argument against it unless you reject privacy and independence.

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I try to politely explain why I will not do homework. I was recently submitted an order by a new customer. It was 4am my time when it was submitted, and by 7:30am he was demanding to know if I would be able to deliver in 24 hours. He did attempt to purchase my extra, which was $10 more to do it in 1 day. I suggested a mutual cancellation. My gig is for creating a summary and bullet points from various sources. I saw a similar one before… I explained it was meant to aid professionals and I got a smart reply about how he was a PhD student.

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