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Hello Can you tell me how to become the TOP Seller in fiverr


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arnevb said: when you buy your own gigs with different accounts you won't 'level up'.


I'm curious why you make this assertion. I've never seen anything to suggest it.


The much more simple answer is, and it states clearly, that to be level one you must be a fiverr member for at least one month.


What will be interested is to see if he jumps to level 2 in about 28 more days when he'll have been here for 31ish days.


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arnevb said: We're a community, and within the community you need to deserve your level.


Didn't take anything you said as an insult.


And I accept this is an opinion. I just wondered what had informed it, if anything.


I've never been "asked" to "vote" on a person's level and to the best of my knowledge levels 1 and 2 are automatic barring tos violations.


I'm not disagreeing with you that this appears to be "bought status" ..I'm only saying that I have no awareness that such status cannot be purchased.

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