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Buyer is asking for something I don't do and is now AWOL


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So I have a gig offering to translate Airbnb listings from any language into English.

This guys purchases the gig twice and purchased a speedy turnaround, but when I click his listing to start translating it, its all in English and he wants it translated into Chinese!

It clearly states in my title and all through my description that I can only translate into English. Now this guy has gone completely AWOL and the gig is due tonight…

I have tried contacting Fiverr, but it said they may take 24-48 hours to respond which will be way over my deadline. What can I do without hurting my profile?

Should I just google translate his entire listing (its a monster of a description) and give him substandard work, I wont even be able to tell if it makes sense!

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There are 3 options:

  1. Open a dispute on it (with the goal of cancelling the order).
  2. Contact support and explain the buyer has made an error and ask them to cancel.
  3. Use Google Translate as you mentioned.

As you’ve already done #2, you can either wait and hope they respond or go to #1. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself here, support will sometimes cancel an order without it affecting your completion rate but that isn’t guaranteed - The criteria for that depends on the agent you get and how valid the reason for them cancelling is (the fact the customer made the mistake here would help but no guarantees - They could simply tell you to “work it out with the buyer” or tell you to cancel the order yourself).

#3 isn’t something I’d consider doing personally. You could technically be breaking the Fiverr TOS by doing this and/or could result in a negative review from the buyer, or worse a warning from Fiverr (worse case scenario).

I’d just open a dispute on it. I’m assuming it’s one order but he’s ordered an extra copy of it? No point in sweating over something that is out of your control. I appreciate it sucks but it happens sometimes.

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