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First time I complete my Fiverr course


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Hi, everyone. I just completed a Fiverr course today and I did this course perfectly and 100% and I get a batch 😊.
This is not so easy to complete but possible 🧐. Every course is very hard and important for every seller. You will get a very idea of Fiverr communication and Fiverr system management.
My target to new sellar 🤓. Every new seller gets a very good idea on how to create a gig, write an eye-catching gig, gig images etc. So you should try it.
So complete this gig and Boost your sales, by boosting your expertise 😍.

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i am new user to use Fiverr. Please guide me to create a gig.

Write your gig description clean and easy to understand ( what you serviese for a buyer ) and without an unnecessary word. Sometimes buyer filling very disgusting for extra topics.

Set up a clear gig image and try to add a video ( video is important for a gig view )

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