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Are chargebacks that we get reimbursed for by CS counted against us in anaytics?


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I was wondering if our chargebacks where it’s not our fault, and we get reimbursed for them since we delivered the order perfectly, counted against us in the analytics page?

Paypal has the policy of not honoring chargebacks for services, like ours, if they investigate and see the job was done as specified. So that’s why fiverr reimburses us, because Paypal reverses those chargebacks. They become disallowed chargebacks by Paypal. This is what I was told by Paypal.

So we end up getting our money back from the chargeback like fiverr does. I’m not sure if those are still counted against us in the analytics page. It would be peculiar to have those counted against us when the chargeback wasn’t our fault and we were reimbursed for it, and it was disallowed by Paypal for being bogus.

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