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A Fun Fiverr Morning Already


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I have to say - some buyers just can’t take no for an answer without getting hateful.

I had someone come to me, asking if I could check out his e-book to rewrite. Initially, it wouldn’t open. I had to download it to the computer to actually open it up. Once I did, he had a password lock on it. That’s fine too. I go in and knowing it’s locked, I knew there was no way I could get a word count on it. I try anyway to change the PDF to word (and I suspected, it wouldn’t convert).

I didn’t feel comfortable giving him a cost until I knew how many words were in the e-book. First off, if it were too long, I wouldn’t be able to take on the project in the first place. I am only one woman after all. Secondly, I do work outside the home too and have other projects.

When I told him this, he was like Really… Can’t you just count one page and then x that by the number of pages? When I told him I didn’t feel comfortable doing it in this way because I didn’t want to overcharge him (mind you, I didn’t want to). He started saying I was a dumb F*** and callede me a dumb f*** American.

Reported and blocked immediately. There is no cause for that! None whatsoever. This entitled Internet behavior is just out of control!

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