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Please, Leave some suggestions. I'm sad


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Hello everyone.

I’ve had completed 6 orders with almost good positive reviews. But the thing that I’m sad about is that I’m getting no orders directly. All the completed orders were from buyer requests. I want to get orders directly from buyers but don’t know what’s wrong. I’m getting no orders. Impressions etc are also going fine.

Kindly check my gigs & help me improve them to attract buyers.


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Here is some tips for you
1. Try to online on fiverr . You online status is very important!!
2. When you get any message try to reply very quickly.
4. See gig’ stats - IMPRESSIONS, CLICKS, VIEWS, ORDERS and try to change gig descriptions, gig title to get search engine optimization.
4. Promote your gigs to social networks as more as you can!!!

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