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Greetings, I am new here :D


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Hi~ I’m Gusnia~ my pen name is a-shirouto 😃 I’m here as a freelance illustrator that wishes her gigs would be able to catch somebody’s interests and finally placing an order.
I haven’t had my first order yet, but my gig is about cute children illustrations that start from $5, would like to see my drawings o u o)? here you go


Fun facts, honestly I haven’t had any chance to do children book illustrations before,but I’ve been interested to draw cute stuff with pastel colors pallete 😃

also I’ve been drawing comics! well to be exact it’s a webtoon, though I’m in charge on art only haha, beside the script, I guess I took over storyboard to final episode process, including characters design too!

My drawings style more anime oriented, I have done 2 webtoons so far, one is tragedy and romance called LOV(DI)E and the other one called SENSE which is has scifi, drama and crime genre.

yeah, I guess I talked too much haha,well anyway it’s nice to have a community like this on fiverr! Have a good day everyone 😃

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