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Help I have no order after lots of handwork for gig Improvments


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If you take the information in this post to heart, it should help you! 🙂

Are you about to create a post about having no orders? Are bills piling up? Can you not afford to feed your children because of the downfall of your Fiverr career? If so, self pity will get you nowhere. What you need to do instead is take action. Last month was my worst month on Fiverr ever. This includes my initial time as a new seller back in 2014. I’m also going to just say it. When you start working on Fiverr and are successful, you often find that Fiverr starts to make up the bulk of your …
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i got information from this post , Now how you can help me Sir !

What! 😳

You say you were informed by this post. Then you turn right around and ask for help again! :roll_eyes:

If you read the post that was the help you are seeking. 🤐

Did you read it or merely skim it or did you say to yourself, "That is too much to read. I want to be 🥄

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i got information from this post


I think you have a problem.

OK, I thought you were joking for some reason and I went to go check it myself…

and yup, it does say “awful.”

I’m guessing it was auto-correct that chose “awful” and the OP was trying to say

“awesome,” but hey, I might be wrong.

I have to say though, the ticket designs are not that impressive.

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