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Please advice me for my first gig


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Hi, Welcome to Fiverr. Your gig is looking quite professional. I think you may know that you can create a maximum of 7 gigs as a new seller. Why don’t you utilize them too? And you’re telling through your description that you’re currently focused only on logo designing. I know there’s a great demand for a logo on this platform and everywhere else as well. But Why don’t you provide other designing services like flyers, posters etc? It will upsell your profile and you’ll get benefit from them too. I’m a motion graphics artist and a part-time graphic designer as well. To my amazement, I got some graphic design orders as well. If you search logo design on Fiverr, you’ll find there are thousands of more gigs providing the same from where you’ll face competition as well and they’re either level 1 or more or at least they have reviews on their gig. At last, my suggestion to you is, you should provide more variety in your services, stay active on Fiverr for buyer requests, use Fiverr app, buyers get attracted to online people more and last but not the least, you should use your own face as a profile picture, It will give more trust to the buyers and it looks more professional too. I hope you do well on this journey on Fiverr.

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