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New user and think the GIGS are Requests from Buyers who want you to work for them? READ THIS!


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I can’t believe how often I need to play Sherlock in my inbox to get people “interested in my gig” to confirm that they in fact have registered for this site as sellers and actually want me to buy their gig, and how much of my time and energy that wastes.

No, none of the gigs you see are requests from someone who wants you to work for them (also, how do you want to translate an English text into German for me if you have major English comprehension issues and can’t even converse with me in the simplest German?).

Gigs are what sellers put up, so that buyers order their service.

Before you do anything on this site, do yourself a favour and inform yourself thoroughly about how Fiverr works.
Do that before you contact other sellers to sell them your gig, that’s considered spamming and can lead to an account warning or ban.

Also, you are wasting other sellers’ time and lower their conversion rate, that’s rude and not really excusable either, as

  1. it’s crystal clear from looking at any gig that it’s there to sell, not to buy
  2. if you want to sell on a platform, the least that can be expected from you is that you inform yourself about how it works, at least the very basics

Read the ToS (get a grip on the most important rules, the Key Terms, what Gig, Buyer, Seller, etc. means), read the information in the Seller Help Center, that’s what it’s there for, and it should go without saying that if you want to use a platform, you need to get acquainted with its rules & workings.

All the information you need is there, directly from Fiverr, you also don’t need to spam other sellers to “guide you how this works”.

Don’t spam your fellow sellers. Don’t waste other people’s and your own time, time is one of the most precious things we all have.

This is an English language platform. Your English doesn’t need to be perfect but make sure it is at a level that allows you to at least grasp basic things like that no, people who have put up gigs here aren’t looking for a service but selling a service.
If you have an issue with understanding that the gigs are by sellers who want to sell their services, then this platform is not where you currently should be. Spend some time with the many language learning resources that the www offers for free, do YouTube English courses, whatever, get your English up to a level that enables you to understand how this site works, the terms of service, to communicate with people in a way that won’t leave them guessing whether you want to buy from them or sell to them, and then try again.

Bonus tip: what you are looking for is Buyer Requests. Which you would have known if you had bothered reading how this site works.
Buyers don’t put up gigs, they put up buyer requests.
Gigs always belong to other sellers, people who want to sell their service.

Don’t expect to get orders and be successful here if you’re too lazy to even read how the platform you want to use for that works.

Thank you for reading this, informing yourself and not wasting your fellow sellers’ time and energy.
Good luck for your Fiverr career.

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Guest humanissocial

This is great. For some reason many buyers don’t understand that Fiverr is a marketplace. As you say these buyers don’t read the rules and 5hey waste our time.

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