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Tips to get your first order


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Thanks a lot for your great tips, I’ll try that, One more question

When I go to edit and when I click on “Upgrade SEO” then I noticed, There are two things


Gig title is already which I write and “seo title” is new, Question is, both titles should be same or different?

Once again, Thanks a lot for your efforts/Reply and you tips which you have shared with us.

Thanks and Regards

Abdul Hakeem

No it’s not needed to ve same. You should choose more attractive title for seo title.

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I had created my account in 2018. Since then it was inactive. I was too much busy with my full time job.

I think continuing on inactive accounts is a big setback. I am not sure. May be client sees that this guy is not working for so long. That might be keeping him away from placing order.

So yesterday I deactivated that account. Started afresh with new email. I had to create new social media accounts with that new email because old ones are not accepted.

Now I am keeping my fingers crossed 😅

you are right nitesh , i think i should deactivate my account now and start with new fresh account , btw what is your position now ? are you getting any order now after restarting your account ? kindly reply this . Thanks

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