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What about creating a division of work system? (A TEAM WORK)


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Think about creating a Designing Gig first. Due to lack of communication and good understanding, you just lost some clients.Then you came with an idea of sharing your Gig to some one who is in another country with good knowledge in communication and language. So now the conversation with client will done by one person and the designing will done by the designer. So there is a production and a sales person.

What you think about it?

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Bad idea.

It would breach client confidentiality (they hired YOU) and the time, energy and resources required to do the project management involved would mean you’re working for less per hour, not more.

You are right. I never think like that before.

However, if i mention that, we are working as a team and and we are not hiring based on the time, the problem solved!

Now the client can see that, we have a team and we are hiring the project as per value and detailing.

So i hope they get more attractive to the Gig.

Let me know what you think of that.

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