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I could really use your help, advice and opinion

Guest thehitmachine

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Guest thehitmachine

Hi! My name is Marcus and I work as artist & songwriter/producer. In this message I’m looking for your help, opinion and advice.

I’ve been freelancing since many years back writing songs for people deep inside the music industry in my country or people that are just starting out. I like the work, but it is very off and on, and even if you get a good collaboration going with a successful artist, there are no guarantees that your song will ever be released. This has led me to the decision to stop working as a songwriter/producer in this way and I’m instead focusing on starting my own business.

Starting your own business is very interesting but time consuming, so it’s going to take a couple of months to get stuff going. As I’m starting this new adventure an idea came to me of doing freelance work as a songwriter but as an online service.

So I created my profile ‘The hit machine’ here on Fiverr. The goal is to help people write songs with lyrics provided by the client. I want this service to be a whole experience rather than “just” work for hire. I want the client to feel like they are enjoying the process of the song being created, thus I came up with the idea to make my sales page as a robot.

I’ve tried to fill my sales page with fun one liners posing as a robot and all the banter/descriptions are going to be written as a robot as well.

This is to further cement the experience and make every step of the way a fun interaction.

When the client places an order they submit their lyrics and I then go on to write the song with their specific request and emotional preference.

What they get back is a lyric/chord sheet and a recorded version as a demonstration of what it sounds like in context. This recording has a lot of synthetic elements and voice effects to make it sound like it was something actually generated by a robot, all to again further the whole experience.

Doing all this as a robot also gives the song a feeling of a clean slate. I want the client to feel like they didn’t hire this particular person or songwriter, rather that they used a service where the focus is just on the client. I hope that doing this a robot gives the client the feeling that the identity of the song is still up for grabs, making it feel more of like their own song.

I have uploaded a video explaining the process/concept and also a song I’ve written with the synthetic elements in place.

But now, I’ve gotten really insecure.

I feel like maybe I’m going overboard with the whole thing, or that I’m focusing on things that the client won’t care about.

And I’m really insecure about the way I do the recorded songs. Is it good enough? Is it all confusing? I haven’t had any orders yet, but if you could take a look/listen on the page that I have and give some feedback that would be so great.

My initial goal was to upload more songs with the synthetic touch, but I thought I would post this first and see what people think about it all.

Really appreciate the help, thank you :pray:t2:


/ Marcus

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