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Guest humanissocial

I am not sure if this will help, but try to establish yourself as an expert for your niche on Quora. Don’t spam the platform with gig advertisements, rather offer genuine help. In time you will get orders from your Quora audience. Hope that helps.

I’ve heard it’s helpful for lead generation to do that on Reddit, too, provided that it it is organic, genuine, substantial insight, not self-promotion.

People see your value and appreciate your support. Plus you’re more discoverable.

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@goldsmydy Thank you! Could you tell me how to do this? I’ve been posting, but I don’t think I’m doing it right. Is there a certain way to write on the posts to get people interested?

Target your niche group or pages on twitter you may likely see who will order from you, find them and interact with them.

Make sure you are not spamming them with link, just provide them solution to any problem they may be having, this will make them contact you any time they have job for you.

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