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Need some advice from experts on fiverr.com


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Hi there!
Need some advice from experts on fiverr.com.How to find My gig is listing properly, In the account not working properly. Also, some fake buyer comes to deal with me I didn’t response them after that my response rate goes down how to fix this problem.

thank you

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Hi @quinnlvy,

To check on you Gig(s), please try this link https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig

You’ll see something like the picture below. Please select what I show in blue, it will open another menu for you to continue. Hope this helps.


As for to keep your Response Rate safe, you need to reply to all new incoming messages, even if they are from fake or spammer users. For this type of users, a simple “No” will work, and after replying, report and block them.

Hope all this helped.

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