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Fiverr treats sellers hashly


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A client ordered a $10 gig, wanted me to spend $8 on Amazon prime to obtain the files, the client wouldn’t pay more and opted to cancel, after writing to support and sending them a screenshot, the gig was cancelled… Now my stats was affected and I was demoted, it’s been three months now since I was able to view a gig request and I’m being told I have to improve my stats, how am I supposed to do that… It’s so disgusting how they treat sellers, they algorithm is improved every day in favor of buyers and not sellers because if a seller leaves they can always get more. and they make millions from what we earn… It’s just appalling to say the least.

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Hi Andrew this is a concern that we all have, a huge problem indeed. Please join me in this topic so we can push fiver to implement a button for confirmation from the seller side so we dont have threats and pushes without having all we need for the job.

I totally agree with you. I was just moved down to level 1 cos my order completion rate isn’t up to 90%. I don’t let clients force me to take on their projects. I simply cancel if they request for something I do not offer or if their request exceeds what I am willing to do. I think order confirmation is a very necessary feature.

Buyers have all the advantage and it should be corrected.

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