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Add Order Confirmation by Seller

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Almost every seller i know have problems due to Clients that do not read or unintentionally place an order which the seller can not reject. This is abusive to the seller and creates frustration for both sides.

This is a feature that MUST BE ADDED URGENTLY. It extremelly easy to implement and will make the platform a more attractive place for both sellers and buyers.


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I totally agree with you. I was just moved down to level 1 cos my order completion rate isn’t up to 90%. I don’t let clients force me to take on their projects. I simply cancel if they request for something I do not offer or if their request exceeds what I am willing to do.

I think order confirmation is a very necessary feature.

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Hi Vera,
Totally, the problem is that WE ARE FORCED to accept. If the client orders you already have a problem and cancelling will kill your Level for 60 Days which is a lot of time to recover when we depend on the level to have better clients or more work. I can not understand why there is no developments from fiver in this direction.

We need to movet his thread up so we can get an answer from FIVERR.

Another thing is the support. What is the purpose of seller support if the client always gets his way? What is the reason for a support staff to tell me that im right but there is nothing they can do?

This is a low hanging fruit for FIVERR and i really hope they get this soon.

Thanks for your comment and support!

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