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Fresher in fiverr marketplace


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Hi there…😄 I am new here too.
I tried looking at the gigs of those who say that they have easily gotten orders, and I believe that there are a couple of things we can do about our own gigs.
Here are my observations:

  1. Read and pay close attention to the tips in making a request gig. You can easily see these tips on the right side of the screen when you are writing or supplying information on your gig’s specific fields.
  2. Compare your offering(s) to other gigs with many hits or orders. I noticed that I have to change much with mine.
  3. Hope that buyers will trust us as greenhorns.

So far, after doing these suggestions, I have seen better results although no order yet. Still, I am hopeful that some buyers will trust us.

Hope these will help you.

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