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Personal website on your profile page


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To be honest, that blog post reads like someone who is half decent at digital marketing but doesn’t really have experience selling on Fiverr.

You can see from their sources at the bottom of the page, that they haven’t used any official Fiverr sources to fact check whether adding website links is permitted.


I’d also say that doing the below is currently a surefire way to risk getting an account warning for review manipulation:

  1. Ask For Referrals
    A few solid referrals on your profile page can go a long way towards giving a new client the confidence to hire you for a job.

Ask past clients if they would provide a brief recommendation that you can post on your profile.

84% of buyers start their purchasing decision with a referral

In this case, I’d say be very careful.

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Definitely ask support, showing them that blog, I’d not rely on any forum posts with something like that, apart from those telling you to ask support. 😉

Curious to hear what they’ll say, in case you’ll ask.

Here is what support said and by the way they are so great at getting back to you and answering questions, “There is an option to add a personal website to your profile, but this information is not visible to other users. However, if you are referring to your profile description , I’m afraid that this is not allowed and I would kindly ask you to refrain from doing so.”

So the bottom line is NO you cannot post your personal website for buyers to see.

I am curious why the blog content managers allow those posts to be added. The content should match the terms and conditions. Some innocent new comer could really get into trouble.

So spread the word!

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Not surprised but I’m curious about what “an option to add a personal website to your profile but this information is not visible for other users” is about. I can see how the LinkedIn or FB “invisible linkage” makes some kind of sense as, in theory, that’s real name stuff and you should be “verified” to have and be able to link to an account there, but what would having an invisible link to your personal website prove … that you’re able to register a domain? 😉 also, where is that mystery option, I only see

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Dribbble
  • Stack Overflow
  • Linkedin
  • Behance
  • GitHub
  • Vimeo
    to choose from to be displayed on your profile, but no
  • personal website

Did they ponder to allow it at some point and then just left it there? I can’t see the use of an invisible website link, unless they are terribly bored and would like to browse sellers’ personal websites.

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