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Payoneer bank account review is pending


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Hi There,
I transferred $20 to my bank account from fiverr and they redirected me to Payoneer. I submitted all the required documents and details of my bank account. It is more than 15 days, my account review is pending on payoneer. No update is being provided why my account is pending. Have someone gone through the same experience? Please, guide.
My second question is:
Is not there any way to transfer to bank directly from fiverr? If Payoneer is taking too much time and not updating me, of course I will not like to do it through then again. Please help me out of this turmoil. I really appreciate your support.

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Thanks Prince for your suggestion. but my friend I have done all these things. Can not we transfer our amount with out Payoneer? You now I am not happy from their services. Please, guide if you know something.

Thank you so much.


As far as I know, Payoneer has also a live support chat, they provide quick and nice solutions. I’m using the service for two years, and I didn’t have much trouble with it, but even when something went wrong, I always got nice support.

Usually I get money transfers from Fiverr to Payoneer in 7-15 minutes. I think everything will be just fine, first transfers may go pretty slow.

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