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Would it be unprofessional to ask for higher prices in this case?


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Hi All,
I recently received an order from the package I thought no one was going to buy. It was a 5$ package with turnaround time of 3 days for one logo concept.
The buyer stated his problem brief and I researched the problem to come up a pretty good design solution. While working on the order I discovered that it wasn’t just one person who were to judge my work, they were a team. As you might have guessed, the logo didn’t pass the screening test of everyone.
He has now provided me a completely different problem brief from earlier and wants me to come up with another concept for 5$.
In my extras I provide an additional concept for 15$ and I have also changed the pricing of my basic package to 15$ after this experience.
I don’t want to go through this hassle for only 5$ so I have asked him to order an extra for 15$.

Is it unprofessional?

The amount of effort and thought I put into my designs is worth much more than this but since I am a new seller I don’t want to put off potential buyers with relatively higher prices.

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