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Yes or no? Photoshop jobs with nudes


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Hello everyone. I was reading several discussions about this topic, but not only did I not understand if one can or not, but I even fear doing something that violates the rules. It hasn’t happened to me here yet, but it has happened to me in many places that clients ask me to, for example, model the body of their girlfriend who could find herself naked. Faced with such a situation, should I accept the job or not?
If it cannot be accepted, it would be a shame because one of my specialties is portraits, works with the skin and its texture. Well, sorry if the grammar is not quite good, but English is not my native language.

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I’d say clarify with CS.

Several weeks ago I was asked to translate a website that was adult themed,
and when I explained the situation with CS, saying something along the line of
“Personally I don’t mind working on the translation, but I wasn’t sure if translating an adult material would be against TOS, I am aware that OFFERING adult stuff is prohibited, but would be translating an adult material be a problem as well?”

CS’s reply was
“As long as you don’t promote on our site Adult- related services you should be fine if a buyer contact you to work on a specific type of service in this case like the project that the buyer is requesting assistance, then you can work on this type of service without any type of issue.”

At least this was the case for me, I’d double check with CS juuuuuust in case.

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