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Gig order through collaboration with another fiverr seller


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I once got a message from a fiverr seller asking us to collaborate whenever I got an explainer video client and needed a scriptwriter or voice over artist. I had not gotten a client in months, and from time to time, I would check on her to ask how sales were.
Recently, she sent me a message asking if I could collaborate with her. She had a gig that required her creating the script, doing the voice over and then creating the explainer video. She hit me up and asked if I was interested. I was pleased to work with her, seeing I had not gotten an order in a while. Although I charged less than my actual price, we started the job, and within three days, I completed the video and submitted it. She was so pleased with the delivery that she gave a 5 dollar tip.
I feel collaboration with other fiverr sellers is a great way to form a business bond and get more orders. If seller A is excellent at one thing, the person could collaborate with seller B, who is better at something else that is necessary to complete the project.
If you have ever collaborated with a seller, kindly share your thoughts below.

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