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Old freelancer just testing out Fiverr as a new resource


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I’ve been freelancing as a cartographic illustrator (map maker) for the game industry since 2008, with over 1,000 published maps since that time with dozens of tabletop roleplaying game publishers, including Paizo Publishing, and Brady Games Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Strategy Guide. Legendary Games has been a steady client for the last 3 years, and have done almost 350 maps just for them for multiple adventure paths. I am also a small publisher, mostly creating map based products for tabletop games, but I am a third party publisher for Paizo Publishing Starfinder Roleplaying Game, a science fantasy game. I worked as a graphic designer and art director early in my career, eventually running my own design and digital print studio for over 20 years. Map Illustration is more a “retirement” occupation, but I’ve become one of the most prolific cartographic illustrators in the world.

Despite primarily serving the game industry. I see the potential for artistic maps to be used for resorts, local entertainment venues, parks, even golf courses for print and web media purposes. I think it’s untapped market, but would be kind of a hard sell to an audience that would have to be taught the idea of using such maps in their marketing campaigns. So I haven’t pushed hard in other venues, since gaming is very steady work right now. It’s always worth looking at a new resource, so I’m giving Fiverr a try.

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