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I need feedback on my gig description


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Hello experts, I’ve changed my gig description to follow. I want your feedback. Is it understandable? Is there any grammar mistakes(I used Grammarly but not sure if it is 100% correct)? Is it impressing? Any comment you can give is much appreciated. Thank you All.

" — This Gig is suitable for following service needs —

Minor changes & tweaks
If you have an existing website/web application/restful API developed using PHP Laravel framework and you want to do some small changes on several features, pages, layout, etc. Ex:

  • Change the default redirect path after login
  • Add a new field to the user registration
  • Update validation rules in “Orders” form
  • Change the homepage layout
  • Match the main theme with the new style guide
  • Change ‘customer/order’ endpoint logic

New feature implementations
Develop complete new modules for your existing PHP Laravel project. Ex:

  • Implement social media authentication for existing login form
  • Integrate PayPal/Stripe/any payment method
  • Implement push notifications in restful API for mobile platforms
  • Develop scheduled jobs
  • Implement user roles & privileges

From the scratch developments
Any new project you want to develop with PHP Laravel. Ex:

  • Build a platform to sell unused gift cards
  • Build a platform for money transactions
  • Build a platform for freelancers & recruiters
  • Build an inventory management system

Your requirement is not listed? Let’s discuss it!"

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