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SCAM Buyers in PC diagnose gig


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Hello all
So since few days I experienced 2 SCAMMERS who were interested in my gig “Trubleshoot PC through TeamViewer”, and I am pretty sure they are SCAMMERS.
So one day I got a message from a new buyer that she wants to fix her pc as her pc is running slow. She gave me her teamviewer ID and Password saying that she is in attending lectures and her PC(which needs to diagnose) is in her home.
In this gig I usually give tips if buys have very small problems as I don’t want to charge for very small work so I give them tips like clean your PC or run a diagnostic software etc.
So when she (buyer) tell me that her PC is running slow, so give her tips to fasten it then she said she dose not know how to do this.
So after this I remote control her PC through given TeamViewer ID and after analyzing I found no mistakes or problem, but in this process I saw her private pic thumbnail . Now as we are professional we NEVER open any private data in client computer so after this session I turn off remote control and message her(buyer) that I found no problem. After few minutes she again request me to check her computer telling me a scenario/ state where her PC freezes. So I again remote control her PC and check for that. Now this time thumbnail of her private data got bigger and I got red flags. I immediately logged off remote control.

After all this she didn’t respond.
After few hours that buyer was removed and can’t be contacted.
I think she/he want to see my reaction to that thumbnail or maybe scam me due to accessing her private data.

This same scandal occurred with me 2 times.
Is this normal or also happens with you, tell me in the comment

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I’m glad you got out of this situation without losing a lot. I’ve never seen such a type of scam before. I had problem buyers too but in entirely different type of services.

BTW, just curious. Do you know how to speed up boot time or only you can only change performance? Or both?

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