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Attractive words for proposal

Guest haris_2004

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Guest haris_2004

My name is Haris Sohail Khan, I am from Karachi, Pakistan.
Experienced people all over the world, how to send a request to buyers, can you suggest some attractive words for me, it can be very beneficial for me.
Kindly, I’m waiting for your response
Regard, ()

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I would recommend to anyone, and I mean this in all charity, to not only yourself, but any other forum travellers who read this, to never start an email message to a stranger in an English speaking country with the words “Hello Dear”. I hear people complaining about this all over the internet. It’s not an appropriate greeting, but an easy mistake to make because, separately, those words are both used as part of written greetings, but in that combination, puts people off and makes them non-receptive to the rest of the message.

Secondly, I have a template for my BR responses. It goes through quickly what my services and specialities are, office times, and then I take a moment to personalize it so that there are some of the words in that BR, in that message. This tells them that I read their posting, and am not simply cutting and pasting. After that, it’s a numbers game (and of course, having a quality product people are willing to pay for). Good luck out there!

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If you send copy-pasted bids you’ll most likely be ignored most of the time. I know this from experience as a buyer. I will just remove the bids that are pasted and only focus on the handwritten, personalized bids.

The first thing you should do in a bid is to let the buyer know you have read and understood their request.

If, for example, the request is “I need someone to help me make the weather plugin in Wordpress look like the rest of my website”, and your response is “Hello Dear, I’m very best designer and will make your site in Wix Wordpress Shopify Squarespace bla bla bla” that is indicative of a seller who didn’t read or understand the request at all, and just copy-pasted a message.

Worst advice you will ever get is “just copy-paste”. Don’t. Please.

What you should instead reply to this example:

“Hi, there! I can make your weather plugin take on the style of your website, and would be happy to work with you.”

After you’ve made it clear that you have read and understood the entire request, you can go into the copy-pasted part about your experience. But even here it helps if you tailor it to every request.
If a buyer is asking for work done in Wordpress, you should focus on letting the buyer know you have experience in Wordpress. They don’t need someone experienced in Photoshop to do programming work. It wouldn’t hurt to mention outside experience as well, but if you do, place it at the end, just like you would with a CV.

A tip, in the end, is to use Grammarly to help you with your grammar in all your communications. Good English skills will most certainly help you get more orders.

To conclude:

  • Never just copy-paste a message. Tailor it to each request by letting the buyer know you have read and understood their particular situation immediately.

  • Take your time to craft a grammatically correct bid.

  • Avoid language that is off-putting for westerners, such as “hello dear”, as pointed out by magpievoiceover.

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