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Buyer is Blackmailing


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I get an order from client to rephrase q document. I rephrase it and mantained quality. Now buyer requested for modifications as gave me two option
Either refund the money and cancel the order
Or buyer will close the deal with negative ratings.
I proposed him third option that I can revise the document and remove errors and bugs if there is any but he rejected and replied with another option.
The option is to rephrase another 1500 words document for free and he will accept the first work for which he asked to moidfy.
Means the first work is up to his standards and he just want to blackmail me and want me to write 1500 words article for free.
In case if I write 1500 words article for him for free. I don’t know what will his reaction again.
I asked for some time to think but he is continuously messaging me to accept from two options.

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Toughen up a bit. If you did the work to the best of your ability don’t cancel and accept the negative review. Fiverr gives you a chance to respond back to the review they left, this is where you can explain the situation to other potential clients. Report them to CS and let them know that blackmailing is a violation of the rules and send them a screenshot of it.

If they aren’t satisfied with what you delivered why on earth would they want you to do free work for them?

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