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My experience as a UI/UX designer


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I opened my account as a graphics designer but I really wanted to upgrade my skill then I started researching and choose the best mentor for me. I enrolled both online and offline course. I focused more on UX research because it holds 70 percent of the total.

I really love clean, clear and modern design based on UX research.
I learned data collection, persona design, ideation, scenario design and paper prototyping of UX design and grid system, similarities, spacing, color combination, the style guide of modern design of UI design. Then I started writing blog to preserve my knowledge.

Then comes the most important thing that is building a strong portfolio. I spend most of my time to see other experienced designers portfolio.it will increase your creativity, design sense and the correct implementation of your skills.

I opened gig in 1st August and I got my 1st order in the first day with 5-star review. After that, I got several knocks from the potential buyer but for our biggest festival, I had to go back to my hometown on 8 August. I use the desktop so it was impossible to continue. I returned from home on 18 August. Finally, I got another 2 order on 26 August. here I learned that it’s really hard to get back in the rhythm of getting the order.

But everywhere there is ups and downs. There is one kind of buyer who doesn’t know what they actually want and they don’t want to use that talent of a seller, they have there own requirements and design ideas. They don’t understand that a designer knows way better than the buyer. They come up with there own design ideas and color combination and at the end, they don’t like the design.

My last buyer ordered me a dashboard design. I delivered it timely as always. Then he asked for a review. After that, he left a 2-star review without saying a single word. This is not a good practice at all. He had another free review left.

The same day I worked with another buyer, she was so sweet. She always cooperates with me. She treats me as a designer, kept trust on me and she loves my final design and even didn’t ask for a review and left a 5 star also. I think to survive in Fiverr the most important thing is understanding the buyer. If you can read buyer’s mind you will definitely get success here. That was my tiny experience as a UI/UX designer in Fiverr.

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