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Buyer Cancelled the order and Fiverr retured her the money


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I had a bad experience today on Fiverr. The buyer has cancelled the completed order and fiverr customer care just returned the money by deducting it from my account without even consulting me.
Last week i delivered a guest post to a client. She was not really happy with the end product…but as i had described everything on the description of how my delivery will be…she have me a 3.3 star review and accepted in the review that it was her fault of not checking the whole description.

Today she messaged me and told me that She has hit a penalty by Google due to this guest post and told me to make it “nofollow”. I replied her and asked her to show me the google mail which she got from google and also told her that i can’t change the tag as its unchangable.(mentioned in my gig). She then cancelled the order and I just got a message from Fiverr that my order has been cancelled and money has been returned.

Now you guys tell whose fault is this? Im at the receiving end. As i have invested my money in delivering the work and now i am getting nothing but a negative review and no money.

What can i do? to claim and fight this, As i think some buyers are taking this opportunity and using it(scamming) to their benefit.

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Difficult to say, as I can only read your side of the story. In my experience, the buyer will expect to get good results when they pay for a service. If the buyer instead ended up getting penalized by Google because of your service, which you claim to be " high-quality contextual do-follow backlink" - then that link wasn’t high-quality, was it?

In your gig, you also claim that the link is “Safe & Natural”. Again, if the buyer ended up getting penalized from Google because of that link, it isn’t really “safe”. Right?

Now all these assumptions are based on the information she gave you. The buyer claims she got penalized, but according to you she didn’t submit proof of this to you.

I would, however, like to believe that Fiverr required some sort of evidence in this matter, but that is not something I can make even an educated guess on.

So. You have claimed in your gig to offer safe, high-quality backlinks. The buyer ends up getting penalized for the link. If that is the case, and what the buyer says is true, then this is, in my opinion, entirely your fault.

In my opinion, this is just another example of bad practice SEO and is the reason why I always recommend all my clients (whom I do web design for) to stay away from this sort of paid link-building. it is not safe, it does not work, and if it goes sour on you, you risk dire consequences to your business.

Anyway - I can’t say with certainty whose fault it is since I only know one side of the story, and because I’m simply making assumptions based on your claims on your gig and this forum post.

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I agree with what you say, if you go by her words, its practically impossible to be penalized within 3,4 days after getting the link. I think even google takes a week to index pages…so i think thats not true that her website was penalized.

Google index some pages more often than others. Some are indexed several times a day. When I post an article on my site, it is indexed by the Googlebot within a couple of hours at most. So this might very well be true. But I can’t possibly know that. All I know is that link-building this way is risky as hell, and her story sounds like the same story I’ve heard from many buyers who purchased “high quality links” on Fiverr.

But again - that’s something I can’t say for sure in this particular case. But one thing is for sure: buying backlinks can and probably will get you penalized. So basically what you’re doing is black-hat SEO, and the chance of that negatively affecting your buyers is high. That is the reason for my assumptions.

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